XC spec and ready for the trail. XX1 Eagle AXS™ utilizes the proven backbone of SRAM 1x™. With the lightest weight materials and a 500-percent gear range. More secure and longer wearing X-Sync™2 chainring. The pinnacle of performance, paired with the connected components of Eagle AXS™. Ready for the new gen of super bikes.

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XX1 Eagle AXS™ derailleur

Instantaneous shifts from a single touch even while under World Cup-winning chain loads. Tested to IP69K water and dust proofing standard so whatever race day brings, you’re ready.

Eagle AXS™ Controller

Inboard shift. Outboard shift. Dropper. Yes, use one of the touchpoints to control your Reverb AXS™ seatpost. Using both SRAM and RockShox AXS™ controllers opens a world of new possibilities.

The Secret Sprint Paddle.

The paddle oriented on the front-side of the controller near your index knuckle allows for quick shifts with virtually no change to your grip on the handlebar.

A bit about the battery.

Removable for easy recharging, weighs 25g and is detachable with a single clip. Swap it from Reverb AXS™ seatpost or even your SRAM Red eTap AXS™ road group.


At the beginning we brought hints of rainbow into the Eagle ecosystem. Now, it takes the lead on both the XG-1299 Eagle™ Cassette and XX1 Chain. Embrace color and choice.